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Customize the New Computer:
»  We state what you want. We make it come to real
»  We carry all name brand parts
»  We assembling all parts to make it suitable for your need, low price but best performance.
»  The system runs better than most name brand pc
»  Build to save , build for dream are our goal.

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Computer Hardware Repair:
* Internet Connection Problems
* Fan marking loud unusual noise
* Computer will not start (Power Supply dead)
* Motherboard replacement and repairs (Any PC Computer)
* Computer won't boot to Windows desktop
* Blue screen of Death
Software Troubleshooting:
* Virus Removal and Protection
* Anti-virus Program Installation
* English to Chinese Translations
* Virus Removal and Repairs
* Software Installation
* Email & Internet Issues
* PC Tune-up
Laptop repair:
* Laptop Power Jack repair
* Motherboard repairs Component level on any laptop
* AC adapter(charger)laptop not charging or won’t start.
* Memory & hard drive upgrade, wireless & CPU
* Laptop IBM "fan error"&keyboard repair or replacement
Apple Repair:
* Macbook screen Repair, Cracked LCD Screen replacement
* Keyboard Repair or replacement
* Mac hard drive & RAM replacement on any Apple product
* Computer not charging, Power Jack repair (battery)
* Water Damage motherboard repair Macbook & Macbook Pro
* Chipset and Video card problem repair.
LCD Screen Replacement:
* Macbook LCD Screen repair.
* Laptop screen inverter repair
* Notebook Screen backlight repair
* Laptop screen shows different colors, lines or flickering
* Laptop power goes on but screen shows nothing
* Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Fujistu, Apple Mac Sony IBM Screen repair.
* Lenovo Toshiba Panasonic MSI Alienware Laptop LAC repair.
Virus Removal/Protection:
* Boot Sector Viruses
* BiOS Viruses
* System Viruses
* Memory Viruses
* Network Viruses and Worms
* and many more……
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